I’m the map .. I’m the map ..

BC Government iMapBC

The days of pulling the folded map or indexed map book out of the glove box are long gone, and in fact, if one of my teenage boys found one in my vehicle, they would surely snicker at me like I was some old 15th century explorer.  Everything is online now and with apps like Google Maps why would you ever need to look at a paper map again? .. Well maybe the cell service or Internet is not available where you are.  It’s always good to have a good map or map book of the province or state that you are planning to travel into.

But this post is about maps that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet that you can use when the cell service or Internet is not available.

The government of BC has launched a service call iMapBC where you can view via browser hundreds of map data layers compiled from across BC.

As they say in their press release, “Recreationalists and resource professionals looking for an easier way to explore B.C.’s wilderness can now leave their fold-out maps at home. GeoBC has created a series of free, high-resolution topographical maps specifically designed for viewing on mobile devices.”

And on their website, “View and analyze the thousands of geographic datasets stored in the B.C. Geographic Warehouse, upload your own map data and print or email the results of your work.  iMapBC is designed for all modern browsers, including: iPads, iPhones and Android devices. It is open to public users, provides access to a large quantity of B.C. Government data.”



You can add one of more of the hundreds of layers on top of the map and once you are finished you can export/download the map to your computer or phone for use when you are not in cell/Internet range.


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