Welcome to the 2020 Edition of the BC Lookout Preparedness Journal.


BC Lookout is focused on helping BC residents and visitors enjoy the province of British Columbia in a safe and prepared manner.  Not just Emergency Preparedness but Sustainability in our sometimes harsh province.

Our Mission can be summarized into these areas of Preparedness:

  • Home Security, Safety, and Preparedness.
  • Travel Safety and Preparedness.
  • Personal Health, Safety, and Family Preparedness.
  • Financial Preparedness.
  • Sustainability Preparedness.
  • Nature Weather, Earthquakes, and other natural events.

Since BC Lookout is a new publication, we hope you will be supportive and patient while we fill the pages.

Where to start on your Preparation Journey? .. try our 50 Step Plan to get prepared.

Eventually there will be a Membership Service for Personalized Alerts and Instructions in case of emergency/disaster but until that time, if you would like to help sponsor/donate to get this site up faster, please go to my Patreon Page here.

Sincerely, Rob Chernenko

My office is located in South Surrey, BC, Canada

My direct email is: rob@chernenko.com

RobChernenko-2018-0519 RobChernenko-pontoon-sm 2019-4R-Rob-sm

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