Communications Outside Your Bubble

As soon as you leave your home by foot or vehicle, you instantly rely on some form of technology to maintain communications with your friends, family, company, teams, or anyone else that may be required to help or support you.


Even as far back as 1937 when the Walkie-Talkie was invented, radio communications were critical to the Military, Outdoorsmen, and Public Safety teams.  It is safe to say that with the saturation of the smartphone coupled with cellular and satellite communications, almost everyone in the civilized world can stay connected.  If you are within your ‘home’ network and able to receive a local cellular signal then your smartphone is all you need to communicate effectively and inexpensively.

But what happens when you leave your home network ..  your ‘bubble’?  You might be travelling into any area where there is no cell coverage/service, or maybe into a foreign country or province that your carrier is not covered.  If you are traveling with a group and you don’t have radios can you still use your smartphones to communicate even if there is no cell service?

In this section, we will be reviewing/recommending the many products and gear that will keep you connected and able to communicate with your teams or outside support like Search & Rescue (SAR) when you are out in the wild:

  • Hand held Radios (FRS, GMRS, and HAM).
  • Vehicle installed Radios (GMRS, CB Radio and HAM)
  • Smartphone tools and applications.
  • GPS Satellite Communications gear.
  • Local MESH, Bluetooth, and WiFi HotSpot Network devices.
  • Network Antenna Network devices.