Gear and Preparedness Equipment

Where does one start!?

Probably the most alluring part of Emergency Preparedness is the collection of gear and equipment to help prepare us for the worst.  With unlimited budgets you probably can stock up on all the gear you need for any scenario.  But in reality, most of us are on tight budgets and should only be purchasing essential gear and in order of priority and likeliness of needing.  Best case scenario is that you can use everything you purchase on a regular basis in your daily lives so that you are familiar with the use, and the product is not just sitting on shelf in your garage waiting for an emergency situation.

On these pages we will focus on gear and equipment needed for the following:

  • Automobile safety and preparedness equipment.
  • Home and Office preparedness, safety, and security.
  • Personal gear for security, survival, EDC (every day carry) and travel.
  • Bags, containers, and storage.
  • Outdoor survival, hunting/fishing, shelter.
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