Home Preparedness

Home Security, Safety, and Family Preparedness.

This one topic of Home Emergency Preparedness could take up several hundreds of pages of website.  But instead of inundating you with information overload, we are going to takes things one step at a time based on your priorities on your timeline and within your budget. We recommend starting with our 50 Step Plan to begin the process in a logical step by step approach.

This section is all about the Home which in most cases during an Emergency or Disaster, you are going to want to be in the shelter of your home.

In case of a big disaster, emergency, or physical event you are probably going to do one of three things:

  1. Shelter In Place/Home
  2. Get Back Home
  3. Get Away From Your Home

Your Home is Your Castle – Shelter In Place

To prepare your home for any long term shelter in place, these are the areas we will focus on:

  • Home and Perimeter Security
  • Food & Water Storage
  • Emergency Supplies & First Aid
  • Alternate Sources of Power and Heat
  • Communications & Neighbourhood Groups
  • Power Outage Preparation
  • Sanitation & Personal Hygiene
  • Family Organization and Issues
  • Automobiles & Transportation