Preparation is a never ending project and it would probably be safe to say that you can never be totally prepared for all events, disasters, or situations.  There is only so much time and money and that you should prioritize which events or scenarios you get prepared for.

The first thing that I do when trying to assess how to proactively prepare for an unfortunate disaster or mishap is to list as many potential events as possible and then sort them in order of likelihood and then give them a ‘weight’ or level of importance to me and my family.

For example .. let’s assume I’m going on a short trip in the Winter to Kamloops from Vancouver.  So the first thing I would do is list as many things that I can of what I think could go wrong, in no particular order…

Get in an accident, get stuck in the snow, vehicle breakdown, witness another accident with injuries, fall ill, run out of gas, get lost, no cell service, snow storm or white out conditions.

Ok good, now let’s put them in a spreadsheet and give them a “Likely to Happen” rank from 1-3 with 1 being the least likely to happen and 3 being the most likely.  Then give them an “Importance” rank if it were to happen with 1 being the least important.  Then total the 2 columns and sort them.  This will help you determine in order which events you should prepare for, assuming that you will not be able to prepare for them all.